12 Must Watch Videos for Entrepreneurs

Among the most excited and interesting ways to learn is watching inspirational movies that explain clearly things. These stories of successful people will teach you how to reach success yourself. So if you are a beginner in this field, here are 12 must watch videos that can change your life.

1) Have you ever heard about Don Corleone? This is a popular story of a family that begins from a small family business and turns into the largest crime family known in New York and in the USA. If that sounds interesting enough, watch The Godfather, to see how they built their powerful business and what it took to do that.

2) Building real estate business with unfair methods in a fast paced Colorado’s world – this all can be seen in Glengary Glen Ross.

3) A story of a man, who tries to do anything in order to succeed, is described in Wall Street. Learn from the movie will he be able to reach his greedy ambitions or not.

4) The Game movie describes a game without any rules. Would you like to have everything you want on the expense of loneliness? This movie reveals which are the things in life that are really important for people that can bring you real happiness.

5) What is more important: big money or legality and morality? Learn the answer from Boiler Room, a story of a young entrepreneur who has to make his decision after facing the moral issues.

6) Jerry Maguire is a story of a successful businessman who lost everything. This was the hardest time of his life when everyone left him except for one client, but he was able to find out what is really important in his life and finally brought back all his lost belongings but the right way.

7) The story of Trading Places is very funny and cautionary at the same time. It is about a social experiment that changes people’s life.

8) Do you want to be happy? Then you are going to enjoy the movie called Pursuit of Happiness, which is based on a true story. It is about a man who lost everything including his money, wife and house, because he believed he has a product that will bring him a profit. Then he had to start his life again.

9) Another must see story for entrepreneurs is Catch Me If You Can, which is also a true story. It is about a young businessman, who does his best to achieve the success.

10) The famous movie Rocky is about a man who started from absolutely nothing and ended up with something really big. You will learn from it how perseverance can do really a lot to reach the success.

11) The next movie that deserves to be watched is The Social Network, which is the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook’s owner. If you still don’t know how this young Harvard student became one of the most famous and richest people on the planet, you should definitely watch this film.

12) The story of famous Apple and Microsoft can be watched in Pirates of Silicon Valley, a documentary film that reveals the competition between these big companies.

All these movies should be watched by entrepreneurs, as all of them contain important advices and rules to follow in order to prevent other people’s mistakes and to learn from successful businessmen where to find the happiness.

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