10 Simple But Critical Tips For Creating Better Online Small Business

The road to success for small businesses is not easy though it can be thrilling.

You feel like you are on a roller coaster with the many turns, ups and downs and loops that you encounter along the way.

One of the most important criteria is to have continuous cash flow and try to make yourself financially secure with the limited funds that you invest.

10 Top Tips for Creating Better Online Small Business

1. Where the new business is going to come from?

Business can come from any platform,

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Advertisement Platforms, Connecting your target audiences through email, Coupon sites, Online Business Groups, Online Consumer Groups, YouTube, Online Community Events, Through Online Webinar, based on your business niche customize and prioritizing the custom advertisement platforms

How to Get New Business?

2. How will you get a trustworthy and reliable online presence?

Create an interesting website that is user-friendly, professional and with great portfolios.


3. Can you produce success stories of your clients to read and be impressed?

Write online copy that sells

According to marketing guru David Ogilvy, “Consumers decide to buy or not to buy based on the content of your advertising, not its just presentation”

As per Seth Godin, “By the time there is a case study in your specific industry, it’s going to be way too late for you to catch up.”

Success Stories

4. What sort of products or service are you offering the customers?

Establish an expert reputation for yourself (and affordable)

An Expert

5. Are there any specific methods to follow to generate more cash flow for the business?

Your online business should appear more frequently or on daily basis to your target audiences absolutely with limited funds.


6. Which advertising option should I follow when I wish to invest my dollars?

Define the order in which your marketing investment would be low to high. Find the right advertisement niche and spend your dollars for advertising your product or service


7. Does it take a long time to make your small business recognized and successful online?

Not really. It is a continuous journey. Don’t run, don’t stop just keeping continue to walk. That’s what we learned in our business.


8. Is it possible to handle all the factors alone when trying to be successful online?

Initially yes. It is advisable to however involve other people or companies that are proficient in designing, internet marketing, copy writing and programming.

The founder of Charity:Water, Scott Harrison is of the opinion that other factors such as energy, time and talent are more important than concentrating on one’s budget.

Me-or-Team9. Do you have the right experience for embarking on this journey?

You do not require being a MBA to start a business. Every business starts out small and people learn from their successes and failures.

Some people actually do well when they start from scratch without any prior experience of running a small business. Patience is the key and it is wise to refrain from making hasty judgments.


10. Is it possible to change one’s mind-set?

Yes, it is necessary to change your views and remember that your business cannot be based on your competitor’s especially when you have budget and other constraints.

It is important to excel at anything you take up and give the matter topmost priority. This will pay more dividends than just toiling.



It is necessary to look at the bigger picture and change accordingly in order to succeed. Face difficulties and stumbling blocks squarely.  It is always advisable to try and get assistance if one is unable to solve problems alone.

If you need any help or guidance in business, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or ask for help. We will promise that we’ll do our best to help you out.

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