List of WordPress Plugins for Quick Website Optimization

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your WordPress blog for SEO. There are several SEO plugins for WordPress, but the All in One SEO Pack has emerged as one of the most popular and effective plugins.

If you’re not sure what you want it to do, you can just install and activate it, but for the best results, you really should learn about the options that are available and how they affect the SEO of your website. The All in One SEO Pack supports canonical URLs, optimizes your titles, automatically generates meta tags on each page, and helps you avoid duplicate content. You can download the All in One SEO Pack at

Dagon Design Form Mailer

The Dagon Design Form Mailer plugin allows you to create a form on your WordPress site and have the information submitted by the users sent to any e-mail address you choose automatically, whenever a user submits the form. You can use this plugin for anything from a simple contact form to a long survey containing hundreds of questions. The plugin is reliable, easy to use, and full-featured. Curiously, the plugin is not available at The Dagon Design Form Mailer can be downloaded from

Duplicate Post

The Duplicate Post plugin allows you to create quick duplicates of both Pages and Posts. This plugin is handy for creating quick alternative Pages for, say, if you want to create six service pages for six different cities in your region. The plugin duplicates not only the text, but all the tags, custom fields, title, and meta entries (if you are using an SEO plugin).

The plugin gives you two different ways to create a duplicate version of any Post or Page on your website. From the Edit posts or Edit pages navigation pages within the dashboard, you can click on the Duplicate link for the post or page you want to copy. You can also make a copy while you are in edit mode by clicking on “Copy to a new draft,” which appears above the Move to Trash link.

Of course, once you have created a duplicate of your post using the plugin, you’ll need to edit it so that it is not exactly the same as the original. The duplicate post gives you a good place to start if you are publishing a similar article, but you should rewrite some portion of the content so that the search engines will index both copies. If you have two identical articles on your site, the search engines will pick one to display and ignore the other completely. The Duplicate Post plugin is a useful tool to have if you frequently publish content that is similar to other content on your website, such as the localized versions of the same sort of information for different cities. You can download the Duplicate Post plugin from

Broken Link Checker

One of the best kept secrets among power bloggers and serious SEO professionals that work in the WordPress environment is the Broken Link Checker plugin. The Broken Link Checker plugin constantly monitors your site for broken links and offers you speedy and simple choices for addressing the invalid links. The Broken Link Checker will monitor both your internal and outgoing links, even links in user comments and images.

If the plugin finds any that are no longer working, you will see a number inside of a black circle next to Broken Links in the left navigation bar of your admin panel. If you click on the link, you will be taken to a page that lists all of the links that were not working properly last time they were checked. The error status for each link is displayed, along with the amount of time the link has been broken. Underneath each link, you will have the option of editing the URL, unlinking it, or telling the plugin that it is not broken. The page on which the link appears is also provided. Below the page title, there are options to edit the article, put it in the trash, or view it.

This plugin is essential for nearly any site, especially large sites and sites that allow public commenting on posts. It would be overly burdensome to check all of the links on your WordPress website manually on a regular basis. Remember that search engines are all about the user experience: search engines reward sites that keep broken links to a minimum. You can change the options in Broken Link Checker to tell the plugin how often you want your links checked and it runs in the background so you never have to think about it unless a broken link is found. The Broken Link Checker plugin can be downloaded from

Automatic SEO Links

Automatic SEO Links is a simple plugin that searches the text of your Pages and Posts and suggests internal hyperlinks within your content. After you download the plugin from and install it, you can set up your links by clicking on Automatic SEO Links in the settings menu. When you add your links, you can enter a word or phrase to make into a link, the URL you want to link to, a title, and a target. You can also set the link nofollow if you choose. The plugin searches your site, and creates internal links out of all of the instances of your requested search phrase.

Be careful with this plugin because if the word you choose as anchor text appears in the URL of any of the links on your site, the plugin will update the URL and break the link. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in a future update.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that creates an XML sitemap for your WordPress site that serves as a road map to search engines so they can reliably and effectively crawl all the content on your site. The plugin is simple to use; all you have to do is install it and activate it. The plugin does the rest. You can download it from After installing the plugin, you’ll want to register your sitemap by logging in to Google Webmaster Tools at and navigating to Site Configuration and then Sitemaps.

HeadSpace2 SEO

The HeadSpace2 SEO plugin allows you to manage the meta data for your site. With this plugin, you can define keywords, tags, page titles and descriptions, the site name and description, and noindex and nofollow tags. You can use this plugin to add the code for Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and other tracking programs without editing your code. HeadSpace2 also allows you to display a first-time visitor message.

Another really helpful feature of this plugin is the custom themes and plugins. You can use this tool to load certain plugins only on specific pages or display different pages of your website in different themes. This allows you to customize pages in different categories to display differently, so you can do a better job of matching the style and appearance of your site to the content on each page. HeadSpace2 SEO can be downloaded from

Robots Meta

The Robots Meta plugin allows you to add Robots Meta tags to individual posts and pages in order to prevent indexing of content such as tag and category pages, comment feeds, or other content that you don’t want to show up in the search engine results. The main purpose of using this plugin would be to avoid having duplicate content indexed by the search engines. You can download the Robots Meta plugin from

WP Super Cache

The WP Super Cache plugin reduces the load on your server by storing static HTML files for the pages on your website and serving those instead of running WordPress’s PHP scripts every time a page is loaded. Google will penalize your site in the rankings if your pages take too long to load, and using a caching plugin such as WP Super Cache helps speed up the load time. It is especially helpful to use this type of plugin if you have a lot of other plugins running on your website because each plugin is another script that must be run each time your site loads and this slows down your load time. You can get the WP Super Cache plugin from


The WPtouch plugin transforms your blog into a mobile-friendly theme that can be displayed on the iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, Samsung Touch, Opera Mini, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry Storm/Touch. The plugin gives your blog a mobile option without changing your regular blog theme. Users have the option of switching between the regular theme and the mobile theme.

WPtouch is amazingly full-featured, but with those features comes a bit of complexity. With a little tweaking, you should be able to set up a mobile version of your blog in about forty-five minutes. WPtouch is available in both a free and paid version for about forty dollars. The free version is remarkably full-featured.

You can download WPtouch from

Contact Form 7

This plugin provides an easy way for you to insert a contact form on your WordPress site. This plugin adds the same functionality as the Dagon Design Form Mailer plugin described earlier. Contact Form 7 can handle multiple contact forms on the same site and supports Akismet spam filtering and CAPTCHA. The plugin is available for download at

Smart YouTube

The Smart YouTube plugin lets you insert YouTube videos into your posts, RSS feed, and comments. It allows you to view videos in full screen, embed a playlist of YouTube videos, or even display videos in a sidebar widget. This plugin works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod as well as on a typical desktop or laptop browser. It can be downloaded from

WP e-Commerce

If you’re selling products or services online, you want your website to look like a store, not a blog. This plugin allows you to set up an online e-commerce site easily using WordPress. You can display your products on the home page with category and shopping cart widgets on your theme’s sidebars.

WP e-commerce is available in both free and paid versions, with several optional paid extensions, such as additional shipping modules and a fancy drag and drop shopping cart widget. The free version will allow you to set up a basic shopping cart within your WordPress installation and accept PayPal payments.

Download the plugin from

Quick AdSense

The Quick AdSense Plugin offers an easy way to insert AdSense ads into your posts without needing to edit your WordPress theme. You can set the ads to appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a post. You can also set them to be displayed after a certain number of paragraphs. The plugin supports up to ten ad codes per page, but remember that Google’s terms of service limit AdSense ads to be no more than three ad units and three link units per page. This plugin supports other types of ads besides AdSense though, so if you want to display more ads, you can use ads from another network or an affiliate program to fill up all of the slots. The author of the plugin does not take any revenue share from your AdSense earnings. You can download Quick AdSense from

Facebook Like button

Facebook like button is a simple but popular plugin that offers readers the opportunity to share your content on their Facebook page. The plugin displays a Facebook like button for each Post, and your users can decide if they want to like your Post and share it with their friends and contacts. The plugin serves the option of displaying the like button at the top of your Posts or at the bottom. This is a good plugin to use if you want to display a Facebook button alone or in a different location than your other social media buttons. The plugin can be downloaded from

Share and Follow

In order to maximize the potential of social media, you should incorporate buttons on your website that make it easy for people to share your Posts with their online contacts, friends, and followers.

The Share and Follow plugin inserts the familiar Share This Post group of buttons to the end of each post.

Share and Follow is one of many plugins that accomplishes this task, but it does it quite well. This plugin will display buttons for Facebook, Stumble, and Twitter automatically and also supports Digg, Reddit, Delicious, MySpace, LinkedIn, Hyves, RSS, Mixx, Print, Email, Google Buzz, Tumblr, Yahoo Buzz, Orkut, Sphinn, Vkontakte, Nujij, Picasa, Bookmark, Bandcamp, Moddb, IMDB, YouTube, Deviantart, Yelp, Feedback, Flickr, LastFM, Newsletter, Xfire, Vimeo, Foursquare, Dailymotion, Plaxo, SoundCloud, Coconex, Xing, Gowalla, Posterous, iTunes, Ya, Slideshare, Ning, Feedburner, Plurk, Identica, Fark, Linkagogo, Faves, WordPress, GetGlue, Bebo, and Blogger.

The download link is at There is a video on the download page that shows you how to install and set up the plugin.

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