How to Use Mobile Web Development Using WordPress?

With introduction of smart phone and tablets the way people visit and interact with web has changed. Website developed using WordPress has many options when it comes to dealing with Mobile Web. Before we refer these options lets take a look at responsive theme.

What is Responsive Theme?

Responsive theme is a theme or layout that response to the size of the screen that is accessing it. As we re-size browser window, the content and menu rearranges and changes to fit the screen.

Using the WordPress Mobile Pack for Responsive Theme:

WordPress Mobile Pack is a powerful mobile plug-in for WordPress. That gives you several different ways of serving up mobile solutions from your WordPress site. WordPress Mobile Pack support several functions.

Install WordPress Mobile Pack:

Go to WordPress Admin >> Plugins >> Add New. Here search for ‘WordPress Mobile Pack’. Install first plugin ‘WordPress Mobile Pack’ from result.

After plugin is installed, activate the plugin. We will see several different options like Switcher, Themes, Widgets, Analytic, mpexo.

Mobile Theme Switcher:

Mobile Theme Switcher allows to switch the theme when site is accessed through mobile device. That means website is not bound by default plugin that comes with plugin. We can create our own custom themes that show up only on mobile devices.

Go to WordPress Admin >> Appearance >> Mobile Switcher. We will see Mobile Switcher configuration page. We can setup how plugin identifies mobile devices and what theme we provide for mobile devices.

Mobile Theme:

If you choose to use default theme that come with WordPress Mobile Pack, it can be further customized through WordPress Admin >> Appearance >> Mobile Theme.

Here we have several view options which we can turn on or off or customize to make  mobile website work in desired way.

Mobile Widgets:

After theme has been configured we can further customize mobile behavior by deciding what widgets to show. If you go to WordPress Admin >> Appearance >> Mobile Widgets, you will see a note ‘Select which of the widgets enabled for this sidebar will show on the mobile theme’. Then below you will see your regular widgets which can be enabled or disabled for mobile devices.

Mobile Analytics:

This feature can be found under wordPress Admin >> Tools >> Mobile Analytics. You will see a simple page, which say how many visitors visited your website using mobile devices. Based on this you can see how many customers visited website using mobile devices and further you can decided to customize user interface. We have high percentage that is over 35% and it is recommended to create custom mobile theme. That way visitors get consistent experience across all devices. For a quick look what is going on your website, this is perfect feature.

Other Plugins for WordPress Mobile Solution:

WP Mobile Detector and WPtouch are other alternatives for WordPress Mobile Soliution.

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