The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Pinterest

What is Pinterest?
Basically Pinterest is a social networking website that allows us to organize and share ideas to something called virtual pin boarding.

Sample use: Say you are browsing magazine, you see awesome pic of castle in UK. Now you may want to take out that page out of the magazine and stick it on your wall to remember the castle or you may want to take article with you on your to trip to UK. Pinterest allows you to do this in digital way.

When you find something interesting on the web, you can pin it using pinterest and organize you thoughts into individual pin boards based on categories you select. People you Pinterest for all kinds of interesting things like planning weddings, decorating homes, and even sharing favorite recipes etc.

What is Pin?
Pin is an image that is added to pinterest. A pin can be added from the website using Pin it button or you can upload images from your computer. Each pin added using Pin it button links back to the site it came from. Pinterest is the collection of images whether it is inspirational, instructional or whatever type of user want to upload. Pin is just a representation of image and little bit of information about it. User can actually add not only photos but also video to your pins. Once you click on thumbnail image, it will launch the YouTube video. If you would have clicking on Pin which is just image, then it would have lunched image after you click on pin thumbnail image.

Information about pin can be found underneath in newly launched video.

Pin is something that you think is interesting and you want to save it for later. Think of Pinterest as virtual cork board hanging up in offices. Any time you want to remember something you take it, you have a pin and you pin it to cork board. And that is what exactly pinterest is, a virtual cork board.

What is a board?

Board is nothing more than set of pins. a board can be created on any topics such as recipes for dinner, posters etc. You can add as many to your board as you want. Check my profile’s screen shot below. I have got one board in place. CodeIgniter board has one link.
Board is nothing more than collection Pins and Pins are individual things that you find interesting

Add New Board:

What are Gifts?

This is also one kind of Pin. It is also interesting way to make extra money. Gifts on Pins refers to Pins that have some sort of price referenced in the description. You can go to Gift Pins by clicking on “Gifts” from top menu.

Once you go to gift section, you can notice that there are several different gifts available that have variant price tags.

You can add your own Gift Pins by simply uploading new Pin and attaching price tag to it.

Add New Gift:

New Gift Pin created:

We have new Pin but now we have $5 priceĀ  tag associated with it and it did that by reading the dollar sign and a number right after in the description. so if you would like to start selling something then this is a great way to get started. You can also bring in items from external services. All you have to do it Pin those items from respective pages on those services.

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