CMS Websites Or Static Websites?

There are two common ways to build websites for your clients these days

  1. Standard Static Websites
  2. Website Using Content Management System

For many years, we built our websites using Static Systems, such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

These sites were relatively straightforward to build. Content management systems are prohibitively expensive.

We have good open- source content management systems available to us for free download, including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many others.

So you may ask, “WHICH WAY IS BETTER FOR PARTICULAR CLIENT?” And the answer is, “It depends.”

Pros and Corns Static Websites and CMS

Static Websites:
Static website has few positive points.
They are inexpensive, and quick to develop. They don’t require special kind of hosting.

Static websites are very difficult for your clients to update without knowledge of HTML, CSS, and FTP. Static websites do not support web 2.0 tools very well. They are mainly designed and developed to display text on web and not be responsive.

CMS Websites:
CMS websites are very quick to build and updates are very easy for a client. They don’t need to know HTML, FTP in order to update website, all they need is web-browser and access to admin panel of the CMS system they are using.
Web 2.0 features are supported by most content management systems. It’s very easy to add a blog, photo gallery, event calendar, shopping cart etc.

However, when you are working with cms website, you will need more specific web hosting. Also, you will need to make sure that you have right version PHP, MySQL and the web server running in the hosting environment.
The site can cost more upfront for your client because they can be a little more complicated to configure than a static website and since you’re running a content management system.

We at Outsourcing Partners cost fairly and proportionately to develop top quality professional websites both CMS and Static websites.
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