5 Sensible Reasons Why You Should Not Offshore Outsource Your Social Media

What’s the most common question you get to hear when you meet someone new – that is after the preliminary introduction is through? In nine times out of 10 it’s got to be: Are you on twitter or facebook?

Nowadays, a social media identity is part of your regular identity. Your twitter account and facebook handle is as essential as your name, address, phone number etc. In the business world, you’re not much good if you don’t have a website. Then, to top it, a website is not enough. You need to get interactive and reach out to your consumers.

But most people say social media takes up much time. Despite the constraint, here are five sensible reasons why you should not outsource your media.

1.You alone understand your brand best

No one understands your brand as you would. You could hire someone, brief them yet, they would never be able to bring the same type of compassion and passion to the regular interaction with your followers as you would yourself. A one-on-one interaction with followers requires insight into your brand and a commitment that an outsourced handler of social media would not be able to manage in a week or several months. Only you would understand the dynamics of your brand as it evolves every day. Hence, you are the best person to aptly keep up your brand image via social media.

2.Direct feedback is invaluable

When you outsource your social media you miss out on the feedback obtained during a live interaction with your followers. This real-time feedback cannot be replaced by a ‘feedback summary’ from the person you have outsourced your social media to. A ‘feedback summary’ would always be incomplete and not fill in for the experience of handling your social media yourself.

3.Followers believe they interact with you

Most of your followers trust that when they interact with any of your social media accounts they are doing so with the person mentioned. This is particularly the case with celebrities, public figures, government authorities, etc. The goodwill generated through social media is dependent upon the faith that followers are interacting with the owner of the accounts. Even if your followers never find out that your social media is outsourced, you’re belying their trust. This would reflect in the interaction some time or the other. You would stand to lose goodwill then.

4.No one else could have same empathy to your brand

Could you risk your brand image to someone else? It’s like allowing someone else to use your signature. There is no replacement for you as a brand or an individual and you put it all at risk every time you let someone else handle your social media. You might have briefed the person handling your social media but they would not know how you would react in an unpredictable human interaction.

5.Could you risk a mole?

When you outsource your social media you also risk it being leaked to your competitors. Social media includes not just your passwords, brand image but also your brand psyche. How confidential would all that remain and for how long if you did outsource your social media?

All the time spent in managing your own social media is well worth it. You could cut down the time you spend handling it though.

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