The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Outsource: Top 14 Applications to Grow Your Business

Running an outsource web design business isn’t easy! It’s hard to stay on topmost of your finances, evaluating Marketing efforts, generating new leads, meeting with local businesses to understand their requirements, giving them business proposal to make sure it works within their budget.

Working directly with Web Company in India will be Trustworthy?

Fortunately there are few helpful web applications that not only will make your web design business easier, but they will also help you grow your business with good cash flow.

Make Simpler your web projects

You may want to create web based product for a specific community and want to get it at affordable price. You have client who is ready to give you web design project but at certain budget. Using below applications you will get good solution at peace of mind so that you can focus on growing your company.

1. Elance

Elance is the world’s leading project-based marketplace and workspace, helping tens of thousands of small and medium businesses outsource to service providers.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in Mountain View, CA
  • Established in 2002
  • 200,000+ ‘Elancers’
  • Representing 50 countries
  • Tests to prove freelancers’ claims of expertise
  • Considered by freelancers to be the elite bidding site


Says Guru about themselves: With more than 1 million registered members, is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance talent and a leader in providing quality freelance services you can trust.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Established in 1997
  • Tests to prove freelancers’ claims of expertise
  • Freelancers represent over 50 countries
  • Very professional set up

3. 99designs

99 designs calls itself the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design – “matching designers with suits” (their words, not mine).

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in San Francsico, CA
  • Established in 2006
  • Received prestigious Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Web Service and Application
  • Awarded 54,870 jobs

Payouts to date: $14,380,241

4. oDesk

oDesk calls itself a marketplace for online workteams. oDesk considers itself to have the best business model for both employers and contractors.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in Menlo Park, CA
  • Established in 2004
  • 783,600 contractors represent 150 countries
  • 341 tests, including English, prove contractors’ claims of expertise
  • They offer contractors health insurance

5. Peopleperhour

With People per hour, you are only 1 click away from being matched with experts in every conceiveble field.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in London, England
  • Established in 2007
  • 71,000 freelancers represent 150 countries

Estimate value of jobs awarded: $20,961,000

6. ScriptLance

Since 2001, Scriptlance, known to buyers and programmers affectionately as SL.

A company snapshot includes:

  • A nebulous location, could be Toronto, Ontario or Arlington Heights, IL
  • No disclosure of jobs awarded to date
  • No disclosure of number of programmers registered

7. iFreelance

iFreelance calls themselves the premier place for independent professionals looking for freelance jobs. Fee-based for the provider to both sign up and accept jobs, it costs nothing for buyers to post and award jobs.

A company snapshot includes:

  • An extensive search revealed no location or established date
  • The only boast ‘1000s’ of buyers and ‘100s’ of service providers

8. Vworker

Vworker is a dynamic workplace that brings employers ‘virtually’ together with freelancers.

A company snapshot includes:

  • An extensive search reveals they might be located in Tampa, FL
  • Established in 2001
  • 305,000 freelancers from ‘nearly every corner of the globe’
  • Seem to advocate hourly vs. per job

9. LimeExchange

LimeExchange is an online service marketplace offering a platform to small and medium sized business looking to outsource. They appear to be targeting the business who wants to get the ‘best bang for their buck’.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in New York, NY
  • Established in 2006
  • 77,000 freelancers from 218 countries

Estimated value of jobs awarded: $6,926,000

10. Freelancer connects their satisfied customers freelancers and considers itself the leader in doing so.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in Sydney, Australia
  • Established in 2004
  • 1.8 million freelancers from 234 countries
  • Budgets typically under $200 – their motto: “outsourcing extremely cost-effective”

11. GetACoder

  • GetACoder is a leading Global Service Marketplace.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Established in 2004
  • Hundreds of thousands of freelancers represent 200 countries
  • Estimated value of jobs awarded: $85,115,900


Located in the United Kingdom is NET4MANPOWER. They describe themselves simply as a global marketplace to buy and sell man power. If their home page is meant to highlight its top rated freelancers, they have done a poor job of this. Of the five listed on their home page, 4 have 2 out of 5 start ratings whilst 1 has 1 out of 5. You may find your freelance team from this site for a great rate, but judging from those ratings, you will get what you pay for.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in London, England
  • Name suggests that either only men register or a lot of heavy lifting involved
  • 4011 exprerts available
  • Estimated value of jobs awarded: $340,240,120


Looking more like a free web site than a professional bidding site is They appear to be targeting individuals and small businesses in need of filling a job quickly. Indeed on their home page they offer a link called, Refunds Policy, which lends the impression that they have more issues than successes.

A company snapshot includes:

  • Located in England
  • No discernable year established
  • Freelancers represent England, Pakistan, Russia, England and the Philippines


Not as busy a site as is PROJECT4HIRE but busy nonetheless. They call themselves a worldwide freelance marketplace that allows clients to post projects and contractors to bid on work.

A company snapshot includes:

  • No discernable number of contractors boasted
  • They, at minimum, represent India, South America (assuming the entire continent) and Eastern Europe

There you have it. 14 applications to assist you in your quest to find the best web design team for your needs. Good luck to you!

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