Outsourcing Your Web Design – Everything You Need to Make an Informed Decision

Identifying the problem is easy; finding the solution, although it might seem simple, is far from it. You see that your business can financially benefit from outsourcing your web design needs to another company; however, you have apprehensions about how to go about implementing it.

You see that other companies are successful at outsourcing and your goal is to learn how to make the most of taking this plunge.

Indeed, your initial desires are to find the most cost-effective solution to what you perceive to be your problem. As you have long since realized, cutting corners isn’t the answer, either. And so, here you are back at your original quandary. How can you get the most of outsourcing your web design?

Given that outsourcing presents you with aspects of running your business that you haven’t needed to consider historically, you will want to first identify those first, prior to diving into the outsourcing pool.

Next, you will want to delve in slowly, not all at once.

Try it before you buy it, so to speak. As the expression goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” There are ways to try outsourcing without jumping in headfirst.

We will discuss this as well. By the time you have completed reading this article, although you may not have all the answers, you will indeed have many more answers than you have questions.

Why Are You Considering Outsourcing?

Given that every organization is different and wholly unique, only you can identify the specific reasons why it is prudent for you to outsource your web design jobs.

Perhaps you lack the office space to hire a team of designers. In lacking the office space, you may also lack the necessary capital to fund the purchase of a bank of not only computers with all the best software, but also to pay a team of designers.

After all, hiring people requires you to pay them an acceptable hourly wage and whether they are producing anything at the moment, you must meet their payroll. You may just find it more advantageous to contract out on a per project basis.

These are common and legitimate reasons why companies find themselves wanting to outsource their web design needs. You may come up with others that are more personal and specific to your industry.

What Obstacles Can You Expect to Face When Outsourcing?

Although people often assume finding qualified people to outsource their web design will be the biggest challenge companies will face, that is actually one you needn’t lose a minute of sleep over. Education and the pursuit of it is a goal shared by many people in this vast world of ours.

If you were to consider outsourcing your web design needs to a company in India, as an example, you should expect no less than the following:

  • Web designers with at minimum a Bachelor’s and oftentimes a Master’s
  • Experience working with companies in a variety of fields
  • The latest software for creating the best designs
  • The latest knowledge of HTML
  • Bilingual – given that English is the main language of commerce, it is a requirement for most people to read, speak and write it if they want to stay competitive in a global economy

Obstacles you may face will likely depend upon your ability to ‘let go’ of your project.

Handing your job off to anyone, whether it is a subordinate you have worked with for ten years or someone with whom you have decided to outsource, takes a leap of faith.

Determining the best rate to pay someone; this takes a little savvy. You want to pay the going rate and yet you also want to know that your needs are being met and that you can still realize a profit after you have outsourced your web design needs.

How Do I Take The Plunge and Find Trustworthy People to Outsource to?

There are myriad outsourcing bidding sites to consider when trying to find a person or company to outsource any job to, whether it is web design, web development, application development, IT services or what have you. This will likely be your safest bet if you are brand new to outsourcing. Among the advantages you can realize using a bidding site:

  • Expands your reach – brings hundreds of qualified people to  your job, rather than you having to look for a few in your hometown via a newspaper advertisement
  • Competition – If you don’t like person A’s qualifications, move on to Person B
  • Tested and Vetted – Many bidding sites require their providers to take tests to prove their claims of being qualified to do your job
  • Competitive Pricing – bidders are competing with other equally qualified designers
  • Escrow – You don’t pay until you are happy; no need to worry that someone will take your money and never produce work for you
  • Try before you buy – see samples in their portfolios of previous jobs
  • Feedback – Although you may have a hard time contacting previous employers, see what they have to say about the provider you are considering
  • Build a relationship – Find a provider you like, continuing working with him or her

In the next article, we shall go into depth about the bidding sites you can consider using to outsource your web design. I will give you an overview of each company, the pros and cons of each of them, which will get you well on your way to opening a project with one of them.

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